Friday, February 3, 2012

Random thoughts

I don't get a runner's high but I do make dubious choices after I run. I went to Trader Joe's immediately following today's run and came home with chocolate cheddar cheese and brussel sprouts. I hope I wasn't of questionable enough mind that I thought I'd use them together! And really, the last time I ate brussel sprouts, I didn't like them. The fact that the package suggested they be sauteed with bacon and Gruyere probably lured me in. But that major derailing ain't gonna happen (I hope).

Yay for me! I ran again today. A friend called and said she was running this morning and did I want to join her. We went almost 4 miles. I know I said above that she's my friend but I think she might have been trying to kill me. Should try to find less lethal friends.

My new strategy for dealing with the grocery store? I already know not to go when I'm hungry but I now officially look the other way when I pass the aisle that has the candy in it. I'm working on doing the same for the snacks and sodas aisle. I look ridiculous studiously looking away (and usually muttering to myself about it too) and I'm likely to ram my cart into someone as I scurry past temptation but whatever works!

I am on day one of no soda. Diet Coke, I'm quitting you. Then again, I may have to give in and try a controlled taper off of it if it gives my my usual caffeine withdrawal headache because tomorrow I have a dance rehearsal. No, not mine. I'd look like the hippos in Fantastia in a tutu and dance with far less grace. But my daughter has a show coming up and I'm one of the prop moms for the production number and then am posted in the quick change dressing room for the rest of the show. A headache, loud music, and cramming sweaty bodies in costumes for a couple of hours would not make for a stellar day.

Super Bowl is this weekend and since I am famous for my appetizers, I plan to go whole hog and make some ridiculously high calorie, tasty concoction. Then I intend to take it to the party we're attending and leave any and all leftovers behind. We're going to be with my old running buddies and since they are almost all built like real runners (as opposed to me--the right chubby and plump, jolly old elf that I am), they can afford the caloric hit with nary a cellulite bump to show for it. My own thighs are dimpling just thinking about it.

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