Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yesterday was one of those days that needs a do-over or a serious case of amnesia. But seeing as I'm not a soap opera star and I cannot conveniently blitz the day out of memory or erase it from actually happening, I guess I'll just have to get past it. The weekend had already been rough eating-wise, what with a Mardi Gras party but yesterday seemed to be a free for all.

I put on running clothes and then the naysayer in my head won the battle and I didn't end up going for a run, rationalizing that Monday used to be one of my rest days. Nevermind that pretty much every day has been a rest day recently. I even pulled out the bag of Christmas M&M's that has been living in my drawer since, well, since Christmas. And I ate the whole thing. Yes I did. ::sigh:: I actually ate M&M's until the candy coating made the roof of my mouth raw. I swear I am a close relative of goldfish who will eat until they explode. But if I look at the plus side of it all, the M&M's lasted a good two months without being opened and they are no longer around to tempt me.

And the memory of yesterday's debacle, which I intend to wipe from my memory just as soon as the sugar rush subsides, drove me to run this morning. I'm pretty sure that those 12 oz. of M&M's added about 10 pounds of drag to my butt as I shuffled around the neighborhood today but I did it, still belching chocolate, I might add. It hurt but I pushed through it. And there is a tired satisfaction in getting myself back under control and in having exercised no matter how much I didn't want to.

As of right now my husband has not given me any Valentine's candy so that's a good thing too. I'm hoping there's something sparkly for me rather than something caloric when (if?) he pulls out a gift. (My mom already says he has one for me so...)

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  1. Good for you for going for the run! Move on from the M&M's - we've all eaten the whole bag at some point in our lives. What I want to know is what did you get from your husband :)