Friday, January 13, 2012

Awash in tea

I think I am drowing in tea. You know that 8 glasses of water a day thing? Well, it's too dang cold for a glass of ice water (my preferred water temp) so instead of sucking it in via diet Coke (my guilty pleasure--and not the caffeine free variety either), I have been slugging back cup after cup after cup after cup of tea.

I can't leave my house for more than a trip to the mailbox because I just can't get that far from my bathroom. This stuff is running right through me. And sheesh people! I've had three children dance on my bladder for 9 months plus each. I don't think I even possess Kegel muscles anymore. So there's no holding it. I can be watching tv and see those incontinence commercials, "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now," and before the jingle is even finished, I am racing to the bathroom. If I could pee the weight off of myself I would be runway thin by now. Not that I don't like tea, I do. But I'm pretty sure that in the quantities I am drinking, it spends less time in my body than it does steeping.

Please tell me my body will eventually get used to all this extra fluid and I'll be able to quit contemplating buying Poise pads just so I can get out to the grocery store for food. On second thought, if we run out of food completely, maybe the weight will come off faster. Now that would make it all worthwhile.

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  1. Yes, you will get there - it just takes time. And then when you feel like you have mastered it, sometimes you are peeing all the time again. The only good part is that yes, you are peeing out the fat - just keep thinking that!! I try to break it up - do just 16 ounces an hour, and not all at once. Makes me head to the bathroom too much if I do it in a rush.

    Have a good weekend!!