Monday, January 2, 2012


There are so many diets out there that restrict or limit bread or carbs. I don't do so very well with those. My nickname when I was little was "Carbo Queen" because I never met a carbohydrate I didn't want to put in my mouth. I'm slightly more finicky now but it's still probably the food group I'd vote off the island last. Given my fondness for bread and its ilk, making it an off limits food will never work for me. So I have to learn to have it in moderation; no easy task.

Last night I accomplished my first task of the New Year (you should see the enormous list I made) and that was re-oganizing and de-cluttering the pantry. My pantry is small and easily gets disastrous looking with three kids scavenging in it on a daily basis. Well, in my cleaning frenzy, I uncovered a lot of stuff to make bread. In the bread machine bread, not completely by hand, because, well, that takes more follow through than I tend to have. So I made a loaf of Pane Toscana last night. It smelled completely heavenly and was intended to accompany the soup I'd made for dinner. But it wasn't ready in time so we ate cheese straws with the soup instead (please don't 'fro me in that briar patch!).

When the bread was finally ready, the kids came pounding into the kitchen for a before bed snack (carbohyrate addicts that they are, the apple doesn't fall far from this tree). I managed to slice them all pieces and have no more than a few crumbs myself. I even wrapped the rest up and put it away and have mostly ignored it today (no tasting, just longing, lust-filled looks so far). It's the little victories, you know? And incidentally, while homemade bread is definitely filled with fewer unpronounceable ingredients than store-bought bread, in terms of calories and fat and whatnot, it really doesn't beat out the stuff in the plastic wrapper, a rather disappointing discovery for this bread fanatic.

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